Park Trail Natural Area

In the spring of 2008, M/I Homes of Central Ohio and 131 River Road LLC generously donated the 64.27 acres surrounding the Park Trails Subdivision to the Licking Land Trust so that this property might be preserved as a natural area.  The property is made up of 4 parcels of land; two parcels surround Vista Ct. and Highbanks Valley Ct., the third is to the north of Crestview Woods Ct, and the fourth is to west northwest of Greenwood Loop.   

The Park Trails property held by the Trust is open to the public and visitors are encouraged to enjoy this natural area through passive recreation.  While there are no maintained trails on the property, hiking is permissible and exploration is welcome!  Many homes are adjacent to the property so please be respectful of our neighbors.  

The Trust urges Park Trails residents to enjoy the property in the ways mentioned above, and also to help the Trust conserve the land by keeping it pristine with no clearing of greenery and no encroachment of any type.  Since this property is a protected area, hunting, using motorized vehicles, harvesting firewood, littering, dumping, construction of any nature, and destruction of habitat is prohibited. 

The Trust also urges area residents to become members of the Licking Land Trust, to help conserve this property and others in Central Ohio.  Families, individuals, and businesses may join the Trust online.   

 If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.