Protected Properties of Licking Land Trust 


(Grantor and Approximate Location)

Acquired Type of Protection Area

Harnden Mill Pond Preserve

Bob and Deb Harnden

Granville Township



7.5 acres

Boldon Preserve

Doug and Marilyn Boldon 

Granville Township



1.2 acres



Hartman Farms Preserve

Ron Beitzel

Union Township

1995 Ownership 7.4 acres

Hill Wetland Preserve

Cynthia Hill

Granville Township

1996 Ownership 8.2 acres

Larson Reserve

Lee and Kathy Larson

Granville Township

1997 Easement 5.2 acres


Old Maid's Lane

William Custer

City of Pataskala

1997 Easement 34.2 acres


Goose Lane

William Custer

St. Albans and Granville Townships

1997 Easement 41.2 acres


Mount Parnassus

Howard LeFevre & Robert and Susan Morrison

Village of Granville

1999 Ownership 0.58 acres


Kramer Farm
Arthur Kramer

Harrison Township

2002 Easement 81.5 acres


Neeley Farm
Larry and Janet Neeley Farm
Walnut Township, Fairfield County

2003 Easement 75.3 acres

Winter Farm
Ilse Winter
Hopewell Township

2004 Easement 72.4 acres


Bieberbach Farm
Marian Bieberbach
Franklin Township

2004 Easement 115.2 acres


Mockingbird Hill
Judy Farris
Granville and McKean Townships

2004 Easement 53.5 acres


Fryman Preserve
Dick and Ann Fryman 
Granville Township

2005 Ownership 36.6 acres


Park Trails Preserve
Park Trails/MI Homes


and 2008

Ownership 64.275 acres



Spring Valley Nature Reserve
Granville Township 

2007 Easement 45.6 acres


Neeley Deep Cut Road Farm 
Larry and Janet Neeley 
Walnut Township, Fairfield County

2007 Easement 52.73 acres


Stair Hughes Farm
Kayla Hughes
Newton Township

2007 Easement 92.77 acres


Brush Farm
Victoria and C. Bernard Brush
City of Pataskala

2007 Easement 64.4 acres




Carter Farm
Richard Carter
St. Albans Township


Raccoon Creek Reserve
Granville Township Trustees
Granville Township


Beckett Farm
Tom, Louise, and Suzette Beckett
Bowling Green Township


James Farm
Jay Matthews and Patricia James Matthews
Union Township




Combined in 2012 (1993, 2000, 2001)






2007, 2007, 2014











100 acres


16.33 acres




60 acres





Total Acres Protected: 1,169