Spring Valley Preserve
The Spring Valley conservation easement was acquired by the Licking Land Trust in 2007.  The Preserve is now open to the public for passive recreation.

What is Passive Recreation?
Passive recreation includes low impact activities such as hiking, bird
watching and passing a Frisbee. Organized sports and other environmentally
disruptive activities are not considered passive recreation.

What does Spring Valley have to Offer?
Spring Valley consists of 45 acres of property, an open field and hiking Spring Valley Shelter Houserails. There are also two shelter houses which can be rented out for
events. To rent shelter houses, call the Granville Recreation District at

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Trail Map and Usage Guidelines


1. The preserve is open daily from dawn to dusk.

2. Motorized vehicles and horseback riding are prohibited.

3. Dogs may be walked on trails but must be on a leash to minimize stress to wildlife.  Dogs must be    under control at all times.

4. Collection of mushrooms, wildflowers or any organism in Spring Valley is prohibited.

5. No off-trail hiking is permitted in Spring Valley without permission of Granville Township or the Licking Land Trust.

6. Hunting and the discharge of firearms are strictly forbidden.

7. Mountain bikes are not permitted in Spring Valley.

8. Open fires and camping are prohibited in Spring Valley.  Camping is permitted only at the designated site in Salt Run Park with written permission from the Township.  Fires are only permitted in the designated fire rings and in the fireplace of the shelter house at Spring Valley.  Only dead wood may be collected for fires.

9. Consumption of alcohol or drugs on preserve property is prohibited.

10. Littering is prohibited.  Please dispose of waste in the proper receptacles or take it with you.

11. Trails may be subject to seasonal closure to prevent trail damage.