Our Mission


March, 2016:  Breaking News!  The Licking Land Trust has been awarded national accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, affirming its confidence that the Trust's lands will be protected forever!  This will strengthen LLT's ability to conserve places we need and love in and around Licking County.



Our Mission

The mission of the Licking Land Trust is the preservation and permanent  protection of central Ohio green spaces -- wetlands, woods, farmlands, riparian corridors, and scenic vistas-- and education about the importance of green spaces and their conservation, all for the public benefit.  

The Licking Land Trust (the Trust), organized in 1989, is dedicated to the protection and conservation of land deemed valuable to the public in and around Licking County.

We are seeking new board members for the current term (starting 2016).  Please submit a cover letter expressing your interest and a summary of your experience or a resume. Contact us for more information at 740-587-4104 or by e-mail at



Current Projects:

  • We are presently working with 40 land owners who are considering a conservation easement as a means to ensure their land is preserved for future generations.
  • We conduct annual monitoring of over 1,150 acres of Trust-protected land in the Licking County area.
  • We’re conducting educational outreach through free hikes, the Trust newsletter, and participation in community events.


  • We were awarded a grant to remove the concrete retaining wall and low-head dam to restore Salt Run to a more natural state at Spring Valley Nature Preserve.  That project was completed in conjunction with Granville Township.
  • With other organizations, Spring Valley Nature Preserve has been restored for use as a natural resource for the community.
  • The Trust has accepted land and conservation easements, protecting over 1,150 acres of land in Licking and Fairfield Counties.
  • We wrote a grant to help purchase Spring Valley Nature Preserve with other local organizations to protect it as a natural area that can be enjoyed by the public.
  • The Trust has worked to place acreage along the Raccoon Creek under a conservation easement.  Protecting the land alongside this waterway protects water quality and prevents erosion of valuable soils. 
  • We've developed detailed standards and practices to meet the accreditation requirements of the Land Trust Alliance.
  • With a generous matching grant from Park National Bank and support of our members, we've secured required legal defense funds for the protection of easement lands for future generations.

  Future Goals:

  • Continue our efforts to preserve land through education and through conservation and agricultural easements. 
  • Continue to protect water quality through conservation easements for properties along the rivers of Licking County.  
  • Obtain national accreditation through the Land Trust Alliance.